Having a property abroad is a perfect way to get away from it all or a great investment but, as with everything valuable, it needs looking after! One possibility is to leave your keys with somebody on the same community who is supplementing their pension or income by holding keys and doing the odd clean. However, what happens if there is a water leak, or a break in, or adverse weather conditions that cause damage?  

It happens to someone every day! 

You will need that person to respond immediately to any incident that occurs in your property! And, from experience, we have found that the person who normally holds the keys could be away for the weekend or does not have a mobile phone; this is the time when you find out the difference between doing a favour and being accountable.

Duquesa Holidays is a registered & insured property management & key-holding company who can care for your property all year round, with prices starting from just 25e per month.


What’s included

  • Monthly inspection of exterior and interior of property  
  • Pest and vermin check plus, if needed, taking recommended action   
  • Ensure all security systems are operational and doors, windows and locks are secure
  • Check all plumbing, pipes and drains, run taps & flush toilets
  • Test to ensure lights and electrical equipment are working
  • After a storm or heavy rain, we do a double check-up of the property for your peace of mind
  • Collect mail from post box and, if required, we offer a mail forwarding service
  • When we see something is wrong, or broken, we contact you (the owner) and advise what needs to be done
  • Regular contact via phone, email or WhatsApp
  • Provide an ‘inspection logbook’ for you and, if needed, for your insurance company as they may require that your property is regularly checked during empty periods in order to issue cover.

Additional extras

  • Property preparation for owner arrival; apartment clean and laundry change
  • Shopping for your essentials, if you are coming to your apartment and arriving late
  • Car care – checking water, turning engine over, etc.
  • We can also assist with providing access to accompanying a tradesman if required

You can rest assured that your home is secure and in safe hands when you are not here!

Registered Business Address

Urb Duquesa Fairways 4/Bajo 8

El Hacho, Manilva,

29691, Malaga, Spain

Sara Kernahan

NIE X0832285F

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