If you are looking for a ‘not too strenuous’ hike with a lovely reward at the end of it then I highly recommend the walk I took on Sunday with ‘Guiandalus’ www.guiandalus.es

Sixteen of us met our guide Celia at 9.30am in the lovely village of ‘El Colmenar’ in front of the train station that serves the stunning white village of ‘Gaucin.’

After a brief outline of the walk we headed out of the village and along the banks of the river Guadiaro. Our route was a delightful path that partly followed the route of the Algeciras-Ronda trainline. Despite the time of year, the scenery was green and luscious. Celia stopped a few times along the way and explained about the foliage and gave some interesting information about the abundance of herbs & botany along the way.

We ventured at a gentle pace down the gorge and then after about 45 mins arrived to the highlight of the walk which was the ‘Charco de Moro’ (meaning puddle of Moro). It was a beautiful crystalline river pool in the river Guadiaro where we could swim and paddle and for the more daring, a bit further along was a natural waterfall.

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I paddled over to the shady side of the river, the shallow part the river was a warmish temperature, but in the faster flower part of the pool it was really, really cold! It took my breath away, but after a couple of seconds & I soon was accustomed to the temperature, it was really enjoyable & refreshing… after the 2Km trek it felt great to relax and have a swim.

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A bit further along the banks youngsters where jumping off the rocks into the deeper pools and swimming to the waterfall!
We spent about an hour and half cooling off, swimming and enjoying our snacks.  We rested up before the pleasant walk back to the village.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, we arrived back to Colmenar at around 1.30-2pm just intime to enjoy a drink at the local tapas bar with the group.

Celia was a great guide, plenty of information about the area, the railway, the vegetation and the group was a really friend bunch too!

So, if you are looking for something a little different whilst you are in the area, check out their webpage and make a note of the next event or excursion.

You won’t be disappointed!

For more details contact info@guiandalus.es

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