Throughout the year there are many popular festivities.  Each single city, town and village have there own festival of some kind which gets all the townsfolk out on the streets partying with their neighbours.


The carnival  is celebrated for three days in February. The disguise and the music preside over the revelry of chirigotas and comparsas that sing “curious letrillas” about the most outstanding public events. 


Festivity celebrated in the month of April or May, which commemorates the Life, Passion and Death of Jesus Christ. Brotherhoods and fraternities organize processions that, day by day, run through the streets of our town.


From June 23 to 24. Magic night and spell.The beginning of Summer. The traditional burning of the \ “júas \” on the beaches of Sabinillas illuminates the shortest night of the year. At twelve o’clock at night there are many people who take advantage to purify themselves, washing their feet and face in the sea water, while asking for three wishes; the most daring jump the bonfire, others throw into the fire the requests written on a paper or the bad things with which they want to end. Night that scares away evil spirits and helps love appear.


On the evening of 16th July, in the fishing villages and towns up and down the coast,  her much-loved effigy is paraded through the streets but also goes out to sea flower-adorned boat, accompanied by a flotilla of “jábegas” (fishing boats). Brass bands play, crowds cheer, rockets shoot off and fireworks fill the late dusk sky.


26th July a feast in Manilva in honor of its patron saint Santa Ana. In it, the residents of the town along with the tourists enjoy parades of floats, music, dances and musical shows until dawn.


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