The Christmas lights in Malalga city centre will be inaugurated on 29 November 2019. It is the highlight of the festive calendar.  There are many activities and events taking place in the capital and in the main municipalities from this date and throughout the Christmas period.

A very different lighting structure has been prepared; and the new theme for 2019 is “The Christmas forest”, (Bosque de Navidad) and we can expect to see twinkling suns, angels and autumn leaves adorning the 22 arches along the main streets.

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Lighting for Christmas in Malaga

The most central street in Málaga, is Calle Marques de Larios and this is where the main Christmas lights can be enjoyed along with over 76 other streets and avenues in the centre of the city.

In 2018 the light show and theme was inspired by the cathedral of Málaga, it was very similar to previous years.  They used over 600,000 LED lights in Calle Larios alone.  However, with an increased budget for 2019 and new theme this year, 2019 promises to be spectacular!

We can also expect snow cannons in the main squares of the city; Plaza de las Flores and Soho District, these were a huge success in previous years too.

The company responsible for Christmas the lights in Malaga is Illuminacion Ximenez, they also provide lighting to different cities around the world.  You can find lights from Illuminacion Ximenez in New York on Fith Avenue, Las Vegas, Dubai and also Hong Kong.  Such and amazing accolade from a business from a small village in Cordoba.

Many visitors come from Europe, not only come to see the amazing Christmas lights in Malaga, but also to enjoy a festive atmosphere unique to our capital city.

There are light and music shows daily at 6.30pm, 8.00pm and 9.30pm until 5 January inclusive.

There will be typical Christmas songs to accompany the lights and each show will last a few minutes:

  • Jingle Bell Rock by Hillary Duff
  • All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey
  • En Navidad with Javian, Alex, David Bustamante and Academia OT
  • Never back down with Battlecry

This year there are many new streets added to the celebration where you can enjoy the illumination, these are:

Calle Marques, Sagasta, Souviron, Plaza de Camas, Calle Herrer de Rey, Puerto Del Mar, Calle Moreno Carbonero, Calle Álamos, and Calle Granada.

The Christmas lighting will be turned off on 5 January, with the arrivals of the Night of Kings (Noche del los Reyes), so you better visit it before it is too late.

Christmas Trees in Malaga

During Christmas in Malaga six giant Christmas trees (6-18 metres high) will be displayed.

The most spectacular tree of 18 metres will be displayed in the Plaza de las Constitucion, you will be able to go inside of the tree and take photos.

In Huelin Park there will be two huge almond trees of 8 metres, another tree in the square in front of the Cervantes Theatre, a tree in Calle Alcazabilla, a giant metallic Christmas tree in the Plaza de la Marina, one in Plaza Enrique Garcia square and finally in Calle Molina Lario.

All of these trees in the various festive areas of the city will be brightly lit up with LED’s and decorated for the occasion.

Switching on Christmas Lights and video.

Incase you have missed it this is the last video of the Christmas lights being turned on and some of the main attractions of the city this winter.


Traditional nativity scenes

Every year Malaga city council organise tradition nativity scenes, some of the most popular are the one inside Málaga cathedral and at the town hall of Málaga.

Cathedral opening times:

10am – 2pm & 5.00pm – 8.30pm

Town Hall opening times:

10am – 2pm & 5.00pm – 9.00pm

Best Christmas Market in Europe

In 2018 more than 1,000,000 visitors visited the Christmas lights in the city centre.  In addition, Malaga won first place as “Best sunny Christmas Markets in Europe” from the organisation “European best destinations” which presents Malaga as an ideal destination to celebrate a Christmas with good weather.

Many locals enjoy the Christmas in Málaga by visiting any of the many Christmas markets in the province. Those markets in the city are usually in the area of Soho and the Alameda Park but there are many others in the province.

Altogether a wonderful spectacle that makes a Christmas visit to Malaga a ‘must’!. We recommend accompanying your stroll around the capital with an afternoon snack and an evening meal in some of the bars or restaurants of the old quarter in order to sample Malaga’s excellent cuisine.

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